Software as a Service or SaaS is a software distribution model where the software and the data it handles are hosted on a provider’s servers and accessed over the Internet. It allows users to subscribe to an application instead of having to purchase and install it and it can be accessed from any device.

SaaS advantages:

  • Quick deployment: compared to an in-house IT infrastructure, setup is easier and faster. It is purchased online and the files are stored in the cloud. Little or no technical expertise is required to use it and employees can start using it immediately.


  • Maintenance by the provider: all maintenance and prevention processes are performed by the provider, thus reducing the burden on IT staff.


  • Data security: data is stored in the cloud, preventing data loss. Additionally, providers are responsible for protecting customer data with encryption.


  • Saving time and money: since it is a subscription model, the initial costs of acquisition, maintenance and service are eliminated. Companies do not need a specialized department to configure and update it, which saves considerable time and money.


  • Access from different devices and locations: any employee can access the platform wherever they are and at any time. This benefits, above all, companies where there are employees working from home and companies where their employees have to work outside their usual workplace (another plant, abroad…).


  • Scalability: the cost of access is per license and per month, so you only pay for what you need. Additional licenses can be added as needed.