What is it?

TRAMA is the only online platform that ensures the continuous learning of operators in the work instructions of their job.

Work instruction: Document that describes in detail the sequential steps to follow to correctly perform a specific job that is part of a procedure.

TRAMA provides:


A course editor that allows the creation of interactive content so that workers can be trained and accredit skills that demonstrate their level of knowledge.


“Real time” broadcasting of changes in job instructions, in order to keep trained workers always up to date with the latest version of the information required to carry out their jobs.

Skill matrix

Through the use of courses and broadcasts, worker’s training is always kept up to date. In this way, a dynamic skill matrix, that helps improve people management, is obtained.


Prediction of skill needs based on data, monitoring compliance with standards and acting to correct deviations.

A portal for employees to receive training and keep up to date with all relevant information for the performance of their tasks.


Connection with other existing systems, such as document repositories, MES, PLM… for an intelligent use of available data.


Communication between platform users, promoting continuous improvement.


Access to documentation in digital format from the workstation or through 360º viewpoints to contextualize the information.

Cloud / On-premise

Available in two different setup types: in the cloud or deployed in each client’s internal network.

Confluence of data

Access and management of all information from a single platform, improving workflows and avoiding duplication by reading directly from other systems.


Accessible through the browser of any conventional device (mobile, tablet and computer).


The platform and its content are managed without depending on third parties.