As we have already seen, digital transformation and new technologies have brought about a turning point in the way we relate to our jobs. The arrival of digital tools in all sectors – from industrial production to the service sector through medicine or education – are a powerful tool to increase the productivity of human teams as well as to make all tasks easier.

TOOL. However, technology is only a tool: employees and production processes must also be digitalized. And for this, team training is essential, as it is the best way to ensure that this tool becomes a solution, adapting to the needs of the workforce and becoming a benefit for the company.

TALENT. Thus, in an increasingly competitive and changing environment, continuous training is essential as it allows employees to acquire new knowledge and skills and enables them to adapt to the latest developments in their sector. This, in turn, serves to attract the best professionals and to retain and enhance talent within teams. There is no doubt that training motivates employees and makes them more competent.

DEVELOPMENT: From a human point of view, involving employees in these processes enriches them, allows them to generate greater professional development and feel part of a larger project. In short, it generates added value for the company by improving productivity, optimizing task management, improving team skills, etc.

INVESTMENT. That is why the resources used in the training of teams should always be understood as an investment, since it allows having a highly qualified staff, with the capacity to recycle itself, adapted to the digital transition and increasingly profitable.

BOOST: More and more companies’ Human Resources departments are deciding to promote internal training programs for the development of their staff. And, given the importance of continuous training in the company, FUNDAE offers the possibility of 100% subsidizable courses that do not involve any cost for both workers and companies and that are part of the impulse that administrations want to give to the digitalization of the economy.

SOLUTION. Tramale is positioned, in this context, as a digital solution for training in the workplace tasks that relying on the latest technologies (such as cloud computing or digitalization of environments) seeks to enhance the possibilities that e-learning has within the professional training area.

POTENTIAL. Thus, the use of documentation in digital format, real-time updates, accessibility from any device with internet connection and the possibilities of self-management by the company -both when developing content and when evaluating and adopting learning processes in a personalized way for each employee- make Binary Soul’s software an essential platform to promote training processes in the workplace.