One of the pillars on which the productivity of a company is based is undoubtedly the training of personnel, since it enables companies to have better professionals in each position. To this end, the management of employee training is critical.


SOFTWARE. Currently, there are different personnel training softwares in the market, designed for Human Resources teams to create training and development plans for employees and to find out their strengths and the aspects that need to be improved.


TOOLS. Names such as Cezanne HR, Mentor and Explore aim to train human resources teams and keep them up to date in their work skills. They are, in short, tools to manage training and business development plans in a simpler way. Programs that allow you to plan courses specifically designed to achieve the objectives set by the organization and that are often combined with gamification softwares to increase their efficiency.


OPTIONS. Cezanne HR, for example, helps organizers create training plans and enables end-to-end management of the training process (training calls, reports, cost control, etc.). Mentor helps plan and execute training actions and manage the training and evaluation processes. Explore, to give a final example, has as its strong point the possibility of covering the training processes of the entire company: from administration to production thanks to training plans and the management of training itineraries.


EVOLUTION. However, just as digitalization and the use of ICTs have completely changed the way of producing and training, the development and implementation of digitalized training has led these tools to evolve into more capable and simple ones.


SOLUTION. Tramale goes one step further as an online solution that allows continuous training of operators on the instructions of their workstation. In addition, Binary Soul’s tool is a fully customized software that allows the edition of bespoke courses as well as the accreditation (of workers) of the acquired knowledge. All this is summarized in a dynamic training matrix that helps to improve people management.


SMART. Thanks to the real-time broadcasting of work instructions, the team always knows the latest version (need) of the company when carrying out their work. Tramale is also an intelligent software with the ability to predict training needs based on data, monitor compliance with standards and act to correct deviations.


COMPATIBLE. And all of this, while being compatible with other existing systems (such as document repositories, MES, PLM, etc.) for an intelligent use of available data; allowing access to documentation in digital format from the workstation or through 360º views to contextualize the information; compatible with the internal networks of each client – or from the cloud; accessible from the web and allowing self-management without relying on third parties.