In a scenario of digital conversion of almost all social, educational and economic processes, it is normal to find a multitude of tools that seek to help implement all the new features.

DIFFERENTIAL. Precisely for this reason, choosing the most appropriate option, the one that best suits the needs of each person, institution or company, is critical to exploit all the latent potential and have a differential factor over the competition. Within the e-learning market there are is a multitude of softwares that seek to facilitate the implementation of digital training tools in companies, however, Tramale has several features that give it a great added value over other alternatives.

IMMEDIATE. Let’s start with what it offers. Binary Soul’s platform has a course editor that allows the creation of interactive content so that workers can be trained and accredit training. In addition, by having a system of real-time broadcasting of all changes in job instructions, it allows teams to always be trained in the latest needs and demands of production processes.

MANAGEMENT. The use of these courses and broadcasts – and therefore, by always keeping personnel training up-to-date – training and human resources teams can work with a dynamic training matrix that helps them improve people management: what and how they learn and how to involve them in continuous training.

PREDICTIVE. This matrix makes it possible to predict training needs based on data, monitor compliance with production process standards and act to correct deviations.

CONNECTED. All this is possible thanks to its connectivity: its status as a platform and not as a program allows it to work with other pre-existing systems such as document repositories, MES, PLM, etc. and to take advantage of them to make intelligent use of the available data. In fact, Tramale is available in two different modalities: as a cloud service or deployed on each client’s internal network. In both cases, it is characterized by the possibility of self-managing content without depending on third parties.

COMMUNICATION. Likewise, it is not a linear software in which communication can only go from the training or from the human resources department to the workers. Tramale allows communication between the different users of the platform, which facilitates teamwork, a more natural flow of communication and, therefore, the continuous improvement of the entire educational process.

EFFICIENT. In addition, the access and management of all information from a single platform improves workflows and avoids duplicities that can occur when reading directly from other systems.

ACCESSIBLE. Of course, Tramale uses the latest innovations to allow access to the documentation in digital format from the workstation as well as through 360º views so that the information is contextualized. And all of this is always accessible through the browser of any conventional device (mobile, tablet or computer).