We have already talked about the virtues of e-learning in terms of team training. Tramale, Binary Soul’s platform, is the maximum exponent of a system that, relying on state-of-the-art technologies -such as virtualization or cloud computing-, is the most efficient digital platform when it comes to training in instructions or procedures related to the workstations of the members of the workforce.


DIFFERENTIAL. Thus, the possibilities of customization, interactive courses, real-time broadcasting systems and the management of the results of these trainings (skill matrices) and its predictive nature make this solution an essential tool for companies to maintain and increase the competitiveness of their human teams.


EVOLUTION. Tramale must be understood as a platform in constant evolution and improvement. Its compatibility with external software gives it the capacity to incorporate third party content. And, in this case, the improvement comes from the training in Occupational Risk Prevention developed by C2B (Campus to Business).


DIGITALIZATION. C2B is a consulting firm that provides training support solutions aimed at digital transformation. The Bilbao-based company is in charge of advising companies and organizations of all kinds, specializing in digitalization, technical information and people development.


TRAINERS. Among its services as a digitalizing agent of the Digital Kit (Acelera PYME) are Business Intelligence and data analytics, Virtual Office solutions, process and customer management. In addition, the company has training as part of its DNA: they are professionals with extensive experience in technical and people training thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies designed to develop the capabilities of talent in all kinds of organizations in all Human Resources processes (including training and development or skills).


REFERENCE. Among its clients are industrial organizations, technology corporations, industrial and service SMEs, banks and public administrations.


CATALOGUE. The result of this collaboration allows Tramale to rely on the vast experience of C2B in the area of Occupational Risk Prevention to become, even more, a unique platform and reference when companies and organizations from all sectors are encouraged to take the step towards digital training.


ACCREDITATION. A step that will allow Tramale users to accredit training in a fundamental area in the work, legal and human development of companies and, incidentally, shows the solvency of Binary Soul’s technology as a comprehensive solution by having the confidence of one of the most respected companies in the consulting and training sectors today.